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Any of the many small branches of the splenic or the superior mesenteric artery that supplies blood to the pancreas. One of the two terminal branches of the posterior tibial artery; it runs along the medial side of the foot. Any of the branches of the superior mesenteric artery that supply blood to the jejunum. A branch of the maxillary artery; it enters the rear of the orbit through the inferior orbital fissure, it runs in the infraorbital groove, and it emerges on the face through the infraorbital foramen.

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LCX produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store LCX on your computer. Arteries become less massive as the vessels approach their target organs, eventually becoming reduced to ARTERIOLES. A branch of the axillary artery; its branches run to the acromion, the clavicle, and the deltoid and pectoral muscles.

thyroid artery

A branch of the costocervical trunk that divides to form the intercostal arteries that run in the first two intercostal spaces. A branch of the facial artery; it supplies blood to the submandibular gland and the chin. One of the five to seven small branches of the splenic artery that innervate the fundus and the upper region of the greater curvature of the stomach. A terminal branch of the gastroduodenal artery; it runs up along the greater curvature of the stomach from the pyloric region.


It runs along the lateral fissure between the frontal and temporal lobes. Branches of the middle cerebral artery supply blood to the frontal, orbital, parietal, and temporal lobes of the brain. A branch of the internal carotid artery; it leaves of the cranial cavity through the optic foramen with the optic nerve.

anterior interventricular artery

Major branches include the pontine, internal auditory , anterior inferior cerebellar, and superior cerebellar arteries. Strokes involving the basilar artery can produce damage to the cerebellum and to regions of the hindbrain regulating essential vegetative functions, such as consciousness and respiration. The circumflex branch of left coronary artery, or left circumflex artery or circumflex artery, is a branch of the left coronary artery. It originates from the right aortic sinus, a dilation in the aorta just behind one of the leaflets of the aortic valve. It runs to the right along the outside of the heart in the atrioventricular groove, i.e., the coronary sulcus, between the atria and the ventricles. Usually, its two main branches are the right marginal artery and the posterior descending artery.


Users can purchase the LCX Token at LCX directly or third party exchanges, e.g. LCX offers a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin , Ethereum and USD Coin to exchange and get LCX tokens at the best price. For the circumflex branch of the posterior tibial artery, see Circumflex fibular artery. Supraorbital arteryBranch of the ophthalmic artery which supplies the upper eyelid, the scalp and also sends branches to the levator palpebrae superioris muscle and the periorbita (Fig. A19). The vertebral arteries carry about 20% of the brain’s blood supply, feeding the brainstem, cerebellum, and most of the posterior cerebral hemispheres.

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The superior gluteal artery anastomoses with the inferior gluteal, the deep circumflex iliac, and the lateral femoral circumflex arteries. The anterior choroidal artery or one of the posterior choroidal arteries. The posterior choroidal arteries are branches of the posterior cerebral artery; they supply blood to the choroid plexus of the third ventricle. An artery that supplies blood to the medial side of the cerebral hemisphere and the corpus callosum; it is part of the circle of Willis, and it branches from the internal carotid artery at the base of the brain. The anterior cerebral artery anastomoses with the contralateral anterior cerebral artery via the anterior communicating artery.

It supplies blood to the canine and incisor teeth, the lower eyelid, upper lip, and cheek. With the inferior alveolar nerve, the inferior alveolar artery enters the mandibular canal through the mandibular foramen. Before entering the foramen, the inferior alveolar artery gives off the mylohyoid artery; the terminal branch of the inferior alveolar artery is the mental What is LCX artery. The continuation of the common hepatic artery past the point from which the gastroduodenal artery branches off. The deep external pudendal artery; it is a branch of the femoral artery, and it supplies blood to the scrotum or the labium majus. In the male, it runs with and supplies blood to the spermatic cord; in the female, it runs with the round ligament.

  • If the coronary anatomy is left-dominant, the circumflex artery supplies 40-50% of the left ventricle.
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  • It runs to the cervical vertebrae, it supplies blood to the semispinalis cervicis muscles, and it anastomoses with the descending branch of the occipital artery.

Branches of the arcuate arteries are called the interlobular arteries, and these give rise to the afferent glomerular arteries. End artery one that undergoes progressive branching without development of channels connecting with other arteries. Explore and analyze assets with integrated technical analysis and drawing tools.

The large horizontal artery at the base of the neck that supplies blood to the neck, shoulder, upper chest, and arm. The right subclavian artery originates from the brachiocephalic artery; the left subclavian artery originates from the aortic arch. The branches of the subclavian are the vertebral artery , the thyrocervical trunk, the internal mammary artery, the costocervical trunk, and the transverse scapular artery.

plantar artery

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In the embryo, any one of the ladders of arteries branching from the dorsal aorta and running with the spinal nerves. One of the two branches of the common iliac artery; it arises at the level of the lumbosacral disc. A branch of the basilar artery; it enters the internal auditory meatus, with the facial and vestibuloaccoustic nerves, and supplies blood to the cochlea, the labyrinth, and the facial nerve. A branch of the pudendal artery; its two or three branches supply blood to the anus.

sulcal artery

A branch of the thyrocervical trunk ; it runs posteriorly through the lower neck. Its branches supply blood to the trapezius muscle and to the medial scapula. A branch of the femoral artery; it supplies blood to the superficial fascia of the lower abdomen and the inguinal lymph nodes, and it anastomoses with the inferior epigastric artery.

In males, a long slender branch of the abdominal aorta arising below the renal artery; it supplies blood to the testes, epididymis, cremasteric muscles, and lower ureters. A branch of the thyrocervical trunk ; it runs over the superior transverse scapular ligament in the scapular notch and supplies blood to the supraspinous and infraspinous fossae. Its branches include the acromial arteries and it anastomoses with the subscapular and transverse cervical arteries.