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The trade increments of lots, in the form of .1, .01, or even .001 of a standard lot. The .1 means the lot traded is .1 times 100,000, or 10,000 units. For .01 , the total units are .01 times 100,000, or 1,000 units. Calculate how much money you seek to generate with our calculator to find out how much you can gain by typing in your ideal investment now. When your investment is profitable, compounding interest will have a huge impact long term on it.

forex compound calculator

As you can see when you add the profit of previous trade to the calculation for the next trade you increase the profit on the next trade. After three trades I have $612,08 of profit which is6,12%increase in profit.

Third Trade With Compounding

And ultimately, after 12 months, you will earn the same amount on your account balance as you can with the strategy without withdrawing money and reinvesting. Whether the base currency for your trading is US dollar, UK pound, Euro or any other currency, you’ll find our forex compounding calculator works for you. If you’re trading in cryptocurrency or any currency whose symbol isn’t represented, simply select the blank square in the currency options. To increase your profits exponentially, trading using a compounding plan is a must. Next month, he earns $1100 and again he reinvested now the total balance is $12100. He continues this process and after 12 months he has $31384 in his account.

Calculate the initial deposit to trade Forex, which will allow you to reach the target profit after a particular time when you know the system profitability. Forex For example, how much the initial deposit should be to earn $ 5000 in a year if you reinvest and your trading system yields 5% a month.

Forex Lot Size Calculator

Then you select the monthly withdrawal amount that will be comfortable for you. You can also calculate the right amount to withdraw using the Forex compounding interest calculator. You understand that it is tempting to reinvest the profit since the deposit in the second case will increase by 14.5 times, in the first – only by 4. And the longer the EA works, the higher the risk of failure is. One of the drawbacks of the Forex compound interest calculator with reinvestment is that it suggests adding profit to the balance only once a month.

  • To answer these questions, you need to know the pip price, margin level, potential profit, and so on.
  • You can use different compounding frequencies and see how compound interest works in Forex trading.
  • When you see what you can achieve with a compound growth calculator then the sky’s the limit.
  • Look at the below table and try to follow this compounding plan to become a successful forex trader.
  • You should pay particular attention to the graph it generates, which provides a vivid picture of exponential growth.

I also recommend you to learn about the methods to analyze the performance of trading systems. You can read more in the article devoted to the Rules for evaluating the trading system and its equity. Find out how soon you can achieve profit targets with or without reinvestment. Finally, the initial principal earns interest on the money you usually lose to taxes. Explore benefits and free extras such as other financial calculators you can get if you open an account with Switch Markets.