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I played his videos, mostly listening in background while scanning my charts for valid pattern and signal. Entertaining, listening his ridiculing those “dirty dozen” indicators. A falling price trend reveals a market driven by fear. A falling price trend without volume reveals apathy, fear without increasing energy. Unlike greed, fear is self-sustaining, and may endure for long time periods without increasing fuel or energy. Adding energy to fear can be likened to adding fuel to a fire and is generally bearish until the VPCI reverses. In such cases, weak-minded investor’s, overcome by fear, are becoming irrationally fearful until the selling climax reaches a state of maximum homogeneity.

no nonsense forex

I now trade the NNFX way as my main source of income. Understandably, he says he will never reveal his system, and readers/ viewers have to go out and search for and test these hybrid indicators that trounce his dirty dozen. Now, all of the content he produces drops clues that he expects his audience to pick up on. I’ve Included ATR bands, for No Nonsense Forex Traders. ATR is based on Wilders original calculations, meaning the ATR smoothing is via a rolling moving average and not some made-up garbage. I have another indicator that I think is pretty neat. I had the idea of creating an Awesome Oscillator for my Ultimate MA, just to see what kind of signals it might produce.

Why Trade With Blueberry Markets?

I’m not a huge fan of his teaching style — he’s kind of obnoxious, sort of like a reformed troll, but hey I’ve got an open mind and if his stuff works, no nonsense forex then it works. Baseline and exit indicators- these are signalled and marked by the data shown from the primary and secondary confirmation indicators.

no nonsense forex

He’ll give you some good stuff however with the amount of work I’be personally put in I started to slowly realize how bad most of his advice were. Do your own due diligence and go with what works best for you. Ensure that you manage your capital prudently so that you live to fight another day. But no track record or history of successful trading. So it’s easy to sound semi intelligent and Supreme in the shadows. If been following his content since the beginning, and trying things out on my own lately.

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The other thing I like is he makes a big deal about money management and psychology. I don’t always agree with his points, but these are critical areas of trading that will undermine any great trading system, especially for new or struggling traders. His whole teaching style was a huge turn-off for me, as I also find him rather obnoxious often. I know others have said they haven’t found a way to be profitable with the backtesting, but some do. I was trading before he began releasing content, and profitable .

no nonsense forex

Signal is provided by the last candle closing above or below the based line. For instance if you use a 14-period simple moving average , and then if the last completed candle closes above the SMA line, then we have a buy signal from the base line. However, there is another condition here, that is the price cannot be more than 1 x ATR away from the baseline.

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Matching consistent Traders with sophisticated investors, Ultra Capital Fund is the Peak of all Capital Funding Programs.

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  • If been following his content since the beginning, and trying things out on my own lately.
  • Especially if you scroll back through the posts and have a feel of what is going on, it can accelerate the process.

Also, for anyone mentioning EA’s or backtesting with EA’s, that’s not actually following the system unless you incorporate major news events. I certainly don’t know if these people made EA’s or backtested with news events, but it makes a huge difference. You can easily forex find historical calendar of the news events related to forex. VP’s system includes not opening trades when events are coming up, and this is pretty crucial. Finding indicators, tweaking, backtesting, forward testing, and building your own algorithm takes years.

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These combinations serve as an initial test to your no nonsense forex trading with your particular software or algorithm. If your account performs well with these five pairs, then in many cases your algorithm will perform well in the larger spread of major currency pairs long term. I also think, in my experience connecting with other traders, that it’s not a system that will work for everyone. I have a friend who makes a decent living trading off the minute charts using price action. VP insists price action is total bullshit.

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All of this work means a lot to me and your support motivates me to continue to add more helpful things for all traders to use. is in fact a method or a strategic framework for forex trading introduced by a US-based prop trader who calls himself as VP.

In many cases, if the news announces certain currency or economic shifts, the market will make large shifts in certain directions depending on what information is given. My biggest qualm with him, though, is that he said in a early video that Robert Kiyosaki was a life-changing mentor revelation for him. I’m immediately suspicious of anybody who believes that asshole’s nonsense and half truths. Trading is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Our discretionary trading is more involved, but as something that was started as a joke around the office, it’s outperformed most of the traders I’ve put up against it.

What works for him isn’t going to work for you. You need to make sense of what your indicator forex trading and settings does. It is also not just putting 5 of your favorite indicators together.